Office Space Accessible from Popular NYC Neighborhoods

Soho Terrace gets its namesake from the popular New York City neighborhood in which it is located. Around the world, Soho is a name synonymous with fashion, art, and entertainment. This location is ideal for tenants for a number of reasons. In addition to Soho, tenants have access to the many neighborhoods in close proximity to our own. Over the years, Soho Terrace has been home to filmmakers, artists, writers, journalists, radio personalities, and fashion designers, among others. This is due in large part to the location which draws in creatives from all over the world.

Soho Terrace (located in Lower Manhattan) is ideal for businesses of all kinds, nestled near popular neighborhoods such as:

Why Choose Soho Terrace?

Tenants in fields such as architecture and construction have found it ideal to have Soho Terrace as a hub for their day-to-day operations working on the ever-growing infrastructure in Lower Manhattan.

Health practitioners find that Soho Terrace is a convenient location to gain clientele due to the variety of residential areas nearby. Health and safety are more important than ever, and many are unwilling to travel long distances on public transportation for the wellness services they desire. Our tenants have been able to continue growing their businesses throughout COVID-19 due in part to Soho Terrace being easily accessible from so many popular areas around the city.

These days, location can make or break a business. By becoming a tenant of Soho Terrace, your business becomes accessible to neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, and more.

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