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Office Space for Rent – Accessible from Hudson Square, NYC

Soho Terrace office space got its name from one of the most iconic neighborhoods in New York City. Being located in the heart of Soho comes with many benefits, one of the larger ones being the close proximity to other popular neighborhoods.  

A smaller gem many non-New Yorkers might not know about is Hudson Square. Access to a private office space near Hudson Square brings with it the opportunity to show out-of-town clients and guests a part of the city they may not know about but certainly won’t forget.  

Though Hudson Square is a smaller section of Manhattan, its growing popularity has caused office prices to skyrocket over the last few years.  Hudson Square office space is hard to come by as well. Luckily, Soho Terrace provides renters with the perfect solution—close proximity with reasonable rates.            

Keep reading below to find out what other perks come with renting an office space with Soho Terrace! 

Private Office Space Soho

Variety of Office Space Available – Short- or Long-Term Lease

Soho Terrace is located on the 7th floor of 145 Avenue of the Americas. On the floor, the owner has developed 20 unique offices differing in shape and size. The through line can be found in the ergonomic design and organic wood weaved throughout the offices and common areas. The aesthetic of the space stimulates creativity for those in any line of work. We have tenants in many industries, varying from construction to art to wellness. However, they all have one thing in common—a love for Soho Terrace! 

New York City is steeped in history and Hudson Square is no different. Each building in this small neighborhood has a story and a history that goes back centuries. With the upcoming additions of both Google and Disney, businesses with Hudson Square office space will be in good company in this neighborhood where past, present, and future come together. 

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Access to Rooftop Terrace

Our sprawling 3500 sq ft terrace offers our tenants and their guests a reprieve from the day-today monotony that can sometimes occur in traditional office settings. Our gardener grows flowers and produce that our tenants are welcome to enjoy as they wish. All four seasons are beautiful on the terrace, from the blooming Spring to the beautiful snows in Winter. The terrace also allows tenants to meet with guests in a nontraditional setting—an oasis in the city! 

To see exactly how large our terrace is, take a look at our Floor Map. 

Private Office Space Soho

Soho Terrace is the Preferred Choice for Office Space Rentals

In a city where so many artists, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people, there are naturally many different rentable office spaces to choose from. From open offices to more private settings, you can find it all in New York. What makes Soho Terrace stand out? 

To start with, we value the tenant over almost anything. From office decor to lease agreements, Soho Terrace works to ensure that the tenant’s individual needs are met. The benefits of this are proven by the fact that many of our tenants have rented with us for years. Some have even encouraged their friends and colleagues to rent offices with us! 

To read about Soho Terrace from our tenants’ perspective, read our reviews on the Home page! 

Rent or Lease Your Office Space Today

Soho Terrace office space can provide your business with extra edge. Being neighbors with Google and Disney as well as having an address steeped in history will help you to bring your business to the next level.  

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