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Office Space for Rent – Accessible from Tribeca, NYC

Located a short distance from Tribeca, Soho Terrace Office Space is a convenient alternative to working from home. For those in the film industry, the close proximity to the legendary Tribeca Film Festival is a huge draw. Soho Terrace has housed many individuals involved in film and entertainment over the years. Whether involved in this industry or simply looking for an office space located a short walking distance from home, individuals who desire a space near Tribeca will love Soho Terrace. 
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Flexible Office Space Conveniently Located from Tribeca

Those familiar with Tribeca will know the benefits of the neighborhood. The restaurants, views, and history alone make the area a coveted one for individuals and families alike. For years, Tribeca has been a place for celebrities, artists, and creatives to call home. However, the neighborhood comes with a hefty price tag. That is the benefit of a space like Soho Terrace. 
With all the perks of Tribeca but without the steep price tag, Soho Terrace is able to provide tenants with amenities and affordability not offered at other Tribeca office spaces. Popular restaurants, outdoor meeting spots, and views of the Hudson are just some of the reasons that tenants of Soho Terrace love this location. 
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Direct Access to Our Landscaped Garden

Tenants of Soho Terrace know that the benefits of the space don’t stop at the location. In fact, one of the biggest draws to the office space is the sprawling 3,400 square foot terrace 
While the exterior offices do have direct access to the terrace, all tenants and their guests are able to enjoy the terrace’s common areas. In the COVID-19 era especially, the terrace has been an oasis. Access to private outdoor space is extremely hard to come by in the city so the terrace is a particular favorite of our tenants.  
Our gardener maintains the terrace from March to October, growing various flowers and vegetables. During the winter months, the terrace helps keep the building insulated and prevents heat from escaping. Green roofs, such as our terrace, benefit the building and the city as a whole.  
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Garden City View

What Makes Us So Special?

Soho Terrace takes special measures to keep its tenants and their guests safe and healthy. From accessible hand sanitizer to new HEPA air filters, preventing illness in the office space is a top priority. Additionally, a Theroscan wrist thermometer has been installed to ensure that tenants and guests are healthy enough to enter the floor.  
At Soho Terrace, the tenants come first. Not only is health and safety a priority, but flexibility is as well. Many small businesses call Soho Terrace homeThe last year has been tough on small businesses and Soho Terrace prides itself on helping its tenants stay afloat. Part of this agenda is flexible lease agreements. Whether it is month-to-month, six month, or yearlong, the lease length depends on the tenant’s comfortability.  
Take a look at the Important Information page to learn more about our health and safety protocols. 

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Whether you are looking for an office space for rent in Tribeca NYC or a private space to work away from home, Soho Terrace will be a great fit for you and your business. 
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