Important Information


The safety of our tenants is our top priority. Early on, since the start of COVID, we have implemented several measures to promote a healthy environment and prevent the spread of illness. 
Upon entering the floor, everyone is required to check their temperature using our efficient Theroscan wrist thermometer. Every visitor is required to sign and take their temperature.  No one can enter the floor without a mask which can be provided to anyone freely. There are also various hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the floor for everyone’s use.


We have installed high quality HEPA air purifiers located throughout the floor to clean the air on a constant, regular cycle. This is a unique form of protection that has been proven to be effective in minimizing the spread of disease effectively. 


Each morning and night, commonly used surfaces such as the kitchen counter and bathroom door handles are  disinfected. We have disinfectant wipe dispensers throughout the floor for tenant use as well. Our cleaning crew comes on a regular basis.


There are no hidden fees or surprises. In each office, we provide dedicatee AC units that can be independently controlled as well as heat and regular maintenance. Upon moving in, there is an initial fee of $250 to ensure secure, fast internet access for every office. After that one time fee, internet is $75 per month moving forward.


The 7th Floor is very secure. On off hours such as weekends and evenings, our elevator is locked to guarantee security. While the floor is accessible to tenants 24/7, the locked elevator prevents anyone without a key from accessing the floor. Every tenant is provided with keys for full access.
In addition, Soho Terrace is equipped with multiple cameras that are monitored daily.


We have two single-use, gender neutral bathrooms.